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Month: May 2008 (page 1 of 5)

logged 4+ miles on the treadmill and pounded 200+ nails

I haven’t logged any “long runs” yet, but this morning I did hit the treadmill for 45 minutes–before hitting our ongoing deck project. Running is still slow, but if I can break through the sluggish first few runs, I’m hoping to fall back into a routine. It will help, too, when I finish this deck I’ve been building in the backyard since last August (took the winter off). We’re almost done with the framing and then we lay decking! (Building decks makes you wish you had more friends.) I’ll be glad when this out-of-control project is done–when we can spend a holiday weekend sitting on the deck instead of working on it, when I can spend a morning running without the nagging guilt of an unfinished project taking up the entire backyard.

a quick family run/bike

I wanted to squeeze in a quick 40 minute maintenance run this morning, but it turned into a family outing. My son, Aidan, enjoys joining in the fun. We headed out to a neighborhood park and did a few laps–he on his bike, Chris and I on foot. I logged a slow 3.2 miles and Aidan rode his bike 2 miles (with some playground breaks along the way). All in all, it was a decent workout and fun for the family as well. Green Meadows is a nice park. Checkout the route below:

if i could fly…

Aidan just completed his first session of “pre-art”–an arts-based preschool program. Here is a compilation of some of his work. The theme is “If I could fly….”

The last picture is a self-portrait. He loves playing with the camera, and his favorite subject next to plants, bugs, and birds is himself.

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