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swimming at grandma’s place

Aidan has grown gills. We had a real breakthrough, it seems as of late, with Aidan and swimming. Last year, he was really afraid–not wanting much to do with the water at all; however, this year, he’s really taken to it. [singlepic=136,250,250]   Learning to swimIt started when one of our homeschooling friends, Jen, invited us to her house to go swimming. Aidan, donned his brand new water wings and then he was off. He really had a good time, kicking around with the help of his wings, a couple of water noodles, and an inflatable raft. (The kid couldn’t sink if he tried.) But his inordinate number of flotation devices not withstanding, he ventured out into the pool without mom or dad stuck to him. This was a big achievement. You could tell he was excited and proud.

A week and a half later, we headed over to grandmas to test out the big (kiddy) pool, and he was rearing to go. We couldn’t get the kid out of the pool. He loved it (but still won’t put his face in the water or tolerate too much water on top of his head). Hopefully, we’ll get some more chances to swim this summer; who knows, maybe Aidan will sprout a dorsal fin.

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