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aidan is a reading champion

We received a call today from our local library. It seems that Aidan has won first prize for the summer reading program. We love to read in our house. It’s one of Aidan’s favorite activities. We can sit for hours–literally–reading books. He’ll sit by himself and leaf through all his books. One of his favorite pretend activities is playing library, where he is the librarian and Chris and I are the patrons. He makes recommendations, checks out the books for us, and shows us to the reading room. We’ll sit as a family and read, and read, and read. He never seems to get bored of it.

This summer we’ve been participating in the reading program at the local library. For every ten minutes of reading (either alone or with a parent) we filled out a line on a reading log sheet. Once the sheet was complete (2 hours of reading) we could turn it in to the library to earn little prizes. Needless to say we earned lots of little prizes. Sometimes, Aidan didn’t even take all of his earned prizes. He would just pick a couple things out of the “treasure chest” and say that that was all he wanted. We didn’t realize until just today that at the end of the summer program the person who read the most for his or her age category would earn a grand prize. Aidan won! The prize was a tee-shirt that said “READ. Get in the Game” in big red letters, a Lego race car set, and a book Go, Speed Racer, Go. He was really proud of himself, and we’re proud of him too.

Incidentally, we’ve been trying to log all the books Aidan reads in a database and publish the list to this site. It’s hard to keep up with him, though. Here’s a link to the list: Aidan’s Reading List. It goes back to the beginning of this summer.

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