Aidan loves looking at the big rigs, but better yet, he likes touching them. The Frankfort Township Highway Department organized its first touch-a-truck event on July 26th to let the kids get close to all the monster vehicles. It was a lot of fun. Aidan was nervous at first, but after the first round, he wanted to go back to visit each one again. We had attended a touch-a-truck event once before, but it was crowded and raining. This event was much nicer. The weather was good (maybe a little hot) and there weren’t many people. Bill Carlson–our Highway Commissioner–decided to keep the event small, being his first attempt at it, and got the word out only to a few groups. We went as part of the New Lenox Mom’s Club. Besides the trucks, Aidan’s favorite part was the complimentary popcorn. Check out the pics.