Well it’s Thursday night and we’ve had a good week so far. Aidan started back up with his art classes that he really enjoys. These are two hours long, two days a week.  He brought home his first painting of this session–a farm. And today that worked on painting castles (a large mural-like one for the classroom and then individual ones for themselves). While I’m not in the room with him I do stay just down the hall and peek in occassionally. :-) These four hours per week gives me time to brainstorm ideas and read over books/material for our time together, along with all giving me a little time to get caught up on my work.

Besides his art classes, we’ve started a few projects including gathering information on our family history. This is an activity taken from Story of the World (a history story book that is geared for kids–typically starting at grade one, but I figured if he’s interested in some of the stuff now we’ll start and we can go at our own pace). I also figured it’s a good time to start on it since just the other day he told me he wanted to be an archaeologist and the first chapter of this book goes into what archaeology (and history) is all about. Aidan was a little apprehensive about the book itself at first (because he thinks of it as a “school” book) , but we read the first chapter today and he seemed to enjoy the style of the writing. He is very interested in the activites and the supplemental/additional readings that the book recommends. We went yesterday to the library and found many of the additional readings, which we have stared. Me and My Family Tree and Archaeologists Dig for Clues are among the many books that we have read this week. In additional to reading yesterday we had “play-doh class” (a class Aidan like to give after I have run/walked on the treadmill). In class we made all kinds of fossils in the play-doh, which led to our discussion of the differences between fossils, artifacts, and features. (Interestingly, I cover this same material (perhaps in slightly different ways) in the college classes I teach!)

Tomorrow we are going to a homeschooling event all about how to have Math Fun! Saturday Aidan has soccer. And I’m sure we’ll continue with our family history this weekend (so grandma and grandpa be prepared for some questions about yourself)!

Next week is a busy one–we have a police tour, art classes, a nature program, the Museum of Science & Industry, library time, etc.