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experimenting in the lightzone

I’ve been experimenting with some image post processing, specifically with a program called LightZone by Light Crafts. It’s really easy to use and yet powerful. The program is built for photographers, and the best thing is that Light Crafts is committed to supporting LightZone on Linux (as well as Windows and Mac, if that’s your thing). Check out this quick before and after.

I thought the original shot (while taken a cloudy day) was decent until I dropped into LightZone and made a few clicks of the mouse to create the tweaked version.

The LightZone “Relight” tool made an immediate improvement with just a single click. I went a little further though, and isolated the handful of leaves in the photo as a region to add some color saturation. Then, finally, I sharpened the photo just a little to bring out some more local contrast in the details. Total editing time was about 5 minutes.

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