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aidan, the performing artist

Aidan has been venturing further into the performing arts as of late. He loves the act of creation in the moment, the act of performance–from music, to theater, to song, to dance. In the four video clips of this post, you can see a little of everything. My personal favorite is his tap dance rendition. He seems to have some raw talent there, but I suppose I am biased. (Note that this post has multiple pages with one video per page, so be sure to click the links at the bottom to move through all four pages.)

First we have Aidan with grandma’s guitar. He is drawn to strings and enjoys strumming but resists any thing that might resemble instruction (which is typical for him). He likes to place his fingers about the frets and strum–listening for variations in tone and vibration. Here we see him demonstrating his unique method of experimentation; a rare musical performance, as he is not nearly as comfortable with this form of expression as he is with other forms.

Click the links below for more of Aidan, acting, singing, and dancing.

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