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aidan, the performing artist

Out of the blue, Aidan began singing–making up songs about the seasons extemporaneously. I often sing around the house–turning everyday conversation into a badly wrought song, as if life were a musical. Aidan sometimes follows my example. Here he gives us a couple of takes of his “Song of the Seasons.” Watch for the moment when he catches himself making a mistake and demands that the piece be “edited.” I found this quite funny, but of course the video here is raw and unedited in any way. (He won’t be happy, but it’s for posterity.)

Be sure to check out the last page of this post by clicking to page 4 below. This is the grand finale of this four part performance event. It’s a dance number–tap dance to be specific, inspired by the late great Gregory Hines. I really think Aidan’s got some raw talent in this area. Check it out.

See Aidan dance –>

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