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first snow of the season

[singlepic=246,250,250][singlepic=245,250,250]Snow fell a couple days back, creating its clean silence as it does. Aidan wanted nothing more than to go outside to shovel the driveway (without the least bit of prompting). Sure, son, go for it. Err, as a special treat, that is. Remember shoveling is a ton of fun. You’ll probably want to make a habit of it through your teen years, as well. (Hey, it’s worth a try.)

Aidan loves the snow, but he was a little disappointed that it wasn’t “packing” snow. He really wanted to build a snowman. (Last year we had to bring a bucket of water out into the front yard to add some moisture to the snow so we could pack it.) For this first snow, though, he was content to shovel the drive and make a snow angel or two. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunity this year to play in the snow. Now, if I could just find my snow pants…

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