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another two hours well spent, happy holidays

The day after Christmas, we trekked out to Aurora, IL with some of our extended family to the Feed My Starving Children facility to pack food for children in developing nations that are literally eating dirt and rocks to stave off feelings of hunger.

• 2 hours
• 84 volunteers
• 102 boxes of food
• 22,032 meals
• 60.5 kids fed for a year

This is the second time Chris and I have been there with Aidan. We’re thinking about making it a monthly excursion; perhaps we will invite some of our friends to join us. The more hands the better of course. It is a humbling experience to think about all that we have in the United States where even the poorest do not endure the agony of absolute famine. Today, we worked with our family and about 75 other people to package food that will be shipped to children around the world–children like Murana from Haiti pictured below.

Murana before FMSC assistance Murana is a six year old girl from Haiti. She weighed a mere 15 pounds when she was admitted to the Grace Rescue Center in Haiti. This photo was taken before she began eating FMSC food.  Murana, starving,
  before receiving FMSC help.

Murana 3 and a half months after FMSC assistance This is Murana after eating FMSC food for 3 ½ months. She now weighs 23 pounds and has a smile that lights up a room.  Murana, 3 1/2 months after
  receiving FMSC help

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