Each year since we’ve been in our current home, we’ve trekked out to Tammen Treeberry farm in Wilmington, IL to hunt down that elusive perfect Christmas tree. It’s a beautiful place. As we make a habit of going during the week, we avoid the crowds and have the 167 acres of Christmas trees to ourselves–sometimes quite literally. We always pack a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy after we fall our beloved tree. Tammen Treeberry farm has been a family farm since founded by Lorenz Tammen in 1957. The story goes he was looking for a crop to grow that could tolerate the sandy unproductive soils of his land, and so the the first Christmas tree was planted. Since 1964 the farm also grows blueberries and sells them “pick-your-own” during the summer months. Check out our latest tree hunting expedition below.

reasons to cut your own christmas tree

(according to Tammen Farm)

  • The trees are grown especially for you. If not for you, they would not be planted and maintained.
  • The trees help reduce erosion, provide a home for wildlife, and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
  • The trees are locally grown and support the local economy.
  • Real trees are a renewable resource, unlike petroleum. Plastic artificial trees are made from petroleum. Real trees can be chipped and the chips used for mulch.
  • Tammen plants more than one tree for each tree that is harvested.
  • Real trees make scents.
  • Though the weather be cold, time spent together with your family to find a Christmas tree will warm your heart and create memories.