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Month: January 2009 (page 2 of 4)

yes we can, yes we did, yes we will…

I’ve been meaning to post this now viral and Emmy-award-winning video since it hit the Web nearly a year ago now. This post may be one for mere posterity, considering the popularity of this video and song, but it makes it no less powerful. Take another look below and remember how far we have come as a nation…

As an aside, this is also a great example of intertext at work; intertext is a concept that we often discuss in my second-semester composition course. I’ll have to be sure to use this example when we come to that topic. Peace.

life to text, text to life…

I heard Amy Dixon-Kolar perform her song “Rosa Sat” on Chicago Public Radio the other morning and was moved by it. She takes a recently popular–though difficult to attribute–quote and sets it to music. It is simple and yet it resonates.

“Rosa Sat” by Amy Dixon-Kolar

It also struck me as a fine example of the process of textualization (something we’ve been talking about in my Composition class recently). This is the process by which a life experience moves into text (written, musical, visual, etc.), the text then influences experience, and the experience then results in the creation of a new text. On and on it goes in this cyclical process of life and creation through which we attempt to make meaning. “I wrote this song right after the election of Barack Obama,” Dixon-Kolar said. “I had been reading this quote numerous places and knew it had to be a song.”

Give the song a listen. Let it move you to action. Go do something. Create something.

history is made, entering a new era of responsibility

On this day, January 20, 2009, history is made. President Obama takes his inaugural oath and the tide of history changes…

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