Today we got a–let’s say–fairly early start and rented a car so we could cross the bay to see the trees at Muir Woods. We jumped on California Highway 1 and drove north over the Golden Gate. We parked on the far side so we could take a closer look; we actually walked out onto the bridge up to the north pillar to take in the view and snap a few more clichéd photos. (I can’t help myself.)

After about an hour of dodging cyclists, fighting vertigo, and feeling the wind in our hair, we jumped back in the rental and drove north to Sausalito for a quick breakfast at Fred’s Café. It was a bustling little breakfast joint with friendly people always willing to share a table. If you ever find yourself there, try the Dungeness crab omelet. Mmm, quite good. The portion sizes were generous and the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming.

With our bellies full, we headed north again down coastal highway towards Muir Woods. Within an hour’s reach of the city, we found ourselves standing in the shadows of two-thousand-year old trees towering up to three hundred feet above us.


We walked; we stood in silent awe.

On the way out, I took this photo of the Muir Woods Stream that runs through the park. I was experimenting with capturing the movement of the water. This image is exposed at 1/2 second, f/10.0, ISO200 taken at 11mm. I cropped it to isolate the flow of the water around the rocks. It’s interesting how the camera encourages one to look more closely.

We took our time at Muir but eventually continued our drive up the coast and into the hills. Chris had her eyes closed around many of the curves for fear that I would take our vehicle careening down the mountainside (as if closing her eyes was going to stop that). Aidan’s stomach flipped and flopped in the backseat, but we eventually made it to our next stop without death or vomit–Stinson Beach. This wasn’t a planned stop really, just a place we decided to check out for a while. We walked with our toes in the surf (but little more given the signs warning of shark attacks up and down the beach.) Aidan played in the sand. (He just loves that stuff). It was a good place to spend some time.

The sun was hanging low in the sky, so, at this point, we began our journey back into the city, hoping to return one day…