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Month: April 2009 (page 1 of 2)

chia hosiery?

First there was the Chia Pet, which was quickly followed by a full menagerie including the Chia bunny, frog, hippo, kitten, pig, puppy, and turtle. Of course, most recently, we also have the limited edition Chia Obama in honor (honor?) of our 44th President of the United States. Well, who needs to buy such terracotta kitsch, when you can make your own?

Last week, Aidan and Chris attended a nature study class at the Iron Oaks Environmental Learning Center and they came home with a woman’s nylon stuffed with top soil and grass seed. What, you ask. Why a homemade Chia caterpillar, of course. We’ve been keeping it watered and it’s growing like crazy. You can barely see the googly eyes and pipe-cleaner antennae. How cool!
[singlepic=385,200,200] A profile view[singlepic=386,200,200] Look into my googly eyes

“picture this,” a great success

Tuesday we had our “PictureThis” event where creative writing students from both poetry and fiction classes [singlepic=384,200,200] Program Covercame together to read their work for an audience of about eighty people–fellow students, family members, teachers, and friends. They read in response to photographs (most taken by the students themselves) and in response to “obstructions” given them during their revision process. I’ve been playing with this notion of obstructed revision for a while now. This time, though, we combined with our poet peers and used the photographs as our starting point. The reading was a great experience and the crowd was much larger than expected. (We should have ordered more than one plate of cookies, that’s for sure.) Students got dressed up, they stood before the audience, and they read their work with pride, conviction, and good humor. It was truly great to see. I think everybody felt good at the end of the night. If only we had more cookies, though…

fridays in the forest and signs of spring

We resumed our “Fridays in the Forest” yesterday. We participated in this program this past fall and loved it. So we’re there again, each Friday spending some quiet time with fellow homeschoolers, friends, and the woods. This spring session, half of our time will be spent in the woodlands and the other half will be spent in a wetlands area. We’re excited to see the forest and marsh awaken from its long winter’s nap, to be there, to take a part, noticing what is so often overlooked. Here are a few photos from our first day.

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