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a clean-up day and the case of the mysterious skull

Earth Scouts had their first “official” clean-up day today. The day was a beautiful one weather-wise for our adventures. Four families showed up and everyone worked hard for a couple of hours cleaning up the Van Horn Woods in Plainfield. The kids filled many bags full of bottles, cans, plastic bags, snack wrappers, etc. We sorted the materials into recyclable and non-recyclable items and we even brought home the recyclables to be properly thrown out.

[singlepic=375,300,300]  A mystery skullIn our clean-up adventures we had some other fun sightings. We came across a tepee-like structure that was built entirely out of sticks and logs. We also found a few skeletal remains–don’t worry they were animal bones! A skull, pelvic bone, and some vertebrae were found from what we think was a deer. Mike also found part of a skull from some type of animal that no one could figure out what it was due to the weird “horn” shaped bones on what we think was the top of the skull. (So, if anyone knows what this might be from the picture on the right, please let us know!)

It was great to see the kids having so much fun while at the same time they were working hard to help make our planet a little nicer. I can’t wait for the next clean-up day!

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