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Date: May 12, 2009

personal belief about fiction

My fiction writing students just recorded personal essays ( “This I Believe”-style) regarding what they believe to be true about their craft as storytellers. This is part of a project I’ve been running for the past couple years called “This I Know” (I know a shameless rip-off of the better known NPR series.) Many of the essays were really good this time. It’s interesting to me that, despite the paces I put them through this semester, many reported that this final essay was the most difficult piece for them to complete. I think it might be because they cared most about it. Please visit the site, listen to an essay or two, and leave a comment. I know they would appreciate it. Thanks.

Find these essays along with those from past semesters at writing101.net/thisiknow. Tell your friends.

giving gymnastics a whirl

Aidan’s latest venture is into the world of gymnastics. He expressed an interest (probably because his cousins are involved in the sport), so we signed him up for a course through the park district. So far, he’s really liking it. It’s just been two days, but he’s warmed up very quickly. It usually takes him seven weeks out of an eight week course to get warmed up enough to talk to anyone and to participate in the activity. This time, though, it really only took him about five minutes. He still doesn’t say much, but he’s listening to the coaches, trying all the activities, and he’s even given his coaches high-fives. (Trust me, this is a pretty big deal for Aidan.)

During this past class, Aidan did some rolls, stood on his hands, jumped on a trampoline, and started learning the rings. Super cool. From the moment we leave, he’s asking how long until we can return. It’s really nice to see him so excited about an activity that has him interacting with coaches and other kids.

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