We’ve discovered a new pastime–treasure hunting, otherwise known as letterboxing. Some of our fellow homeschoolers let us in on this mysterious activity. Actually, it was only a mystery insofar as we had never heard of it. Something can’t be much of a mystery when it has its own website (letterboxing.org), but it is fun to imagine being part of something few people know about. Letterboxing as we came to understand is an activity where someone hides a waterproof box with a notebook and a stamp inside. Often it is hidden far off the beaten trail, someplace interesting, a place worth visiting. You get your clues from from letterboxing.org, sometimes they are straightforward and other times they are cryptic, making for a more challenging quest. With directions, compass, personal rubber stamp, pen, and logbook in hand, you follow the clues to discover the hidden box. Once you find it (if you find it), you stamp the logbook inside the box, write a message if you’d like, and use the stamp from the box to stamp your own logbook. It’s as simple as that, but it’s a load of fun. Check out the video below for a telling of our first letterbox adventure.