Recently, we took advantage of our membership to the Morton Arboretum and met some homeschooling friends [singlepic=446,225,225] Aidan and Momthere for a walk in the woods and a picnic. The Arboretum currently has an Animal Houses exhibit, which the kids enjoyed. What they really loved, though, was just romping through the woods–totally off the beaten path. Aidan had fun running after the older kids, chasing dragonflies and climbing trees. It was good to get outside of the usual Children’s Garden that we routinely visit. The Arboretum has over 1,700 acres, yet we seldom make far beyond the front entrance (where the Children’s Garden is located). After our adventures into lesser known land, we did return to the Garden. Aidan especially wanted to see the water garden, as we had heard that the pond was teeming with tadpoles, and so it was. It was a nice day.
[singlepic=444,200,200] AJ & Claire[singlepic=445,200,200] Tadpole Hunting
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