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from the yellow rose of texas

[singlepic=458,200,200]From Tulsa to Armarillo…

We rolled into Amarillo, TX this evening. They call it the yellow rose. The drive in east on Interstate 40 took us .
through a barren and vast landscape. A real sense of loneliness overtakes you in such places. We drove for miles, seeing scarcely a fellow motorist–let alone an open gas station which we desperately needed. We saw several abandoned on the high planes, but it took us nearly to fumes before we rolled up to a Texaco station. We saw no one, paid at the pump, and moved on. I don’t know. The vast emptiness was oddly comforting, but eerie at the same time. I took no pictures until arriving into Amarillo, which had the uniqueness of the land give way to the ubiquitous strip mall. Granted my time in Amarillo has been limited to just a few hours around the hotel strip off the highway, but I haven’t been too impressed. I long for the openness of the lonesome highway. I think we’ll hit the road early in the morning.
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