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look mom, no training wheels!

All summer we’ve been asking Aidan if he’s ready to try his bike without the training wheels, and all summer he responded with an adamant “Noooo!” Well, [singlepic=504,200,200]tonight Aidan decided this was the day.  It was very cool having him announce that he wanted his training wheels off and we definitely wanted to embrace and encourage his decision so we went for it! Mike took off the training wheels and we all went over [singlepic=505,200,200]to the large driveway next door and with our encouragement, and me wielding the camera, and Mike holding on to the back of the seat (at first) and running behind him, Aidan did it! The moments without any assistance were brief, and at first when Aidan realized Mike wasn’t holding on he stopped pedaling–he actually kicked his legs out to the side causing him and his bike to dip down to one side due to the loss of balance (luckily Mike caught him and he escaped all injuries)! Aidan, laughing, stated that he was trying “to coast”, but we suggested that he try to get his speed up and his balance in check before trying to coast again.  :) He continued trying until it was time for bed. It was a very fun and exciting evening for all of us, especially for Aidan who was bubbling over with a sense of accomplishment. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait for him to try again!

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