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Date: December 19, 2009

this i know, fall 2009

The semester has finally come to a close, and that means there is another installment of “This I Know: Students Speaking with Conviction.” Check out the site, give a listen, and leave a comment or two.

This I Know Fall 2009

This is a project that I’ve been running for the past few years. It’s based on the national essay project “This I Believe.” Students are encouraged in my version of the project to articulate as clearly as they can a core belief of theirs–something that is essential to who they are–and to tell us how they came to this belief. We do this in the spirit of listening to one another–not to proselytize.

christmas caroling 2009

This evening we took our second annual trip with our homeschooling coop group to a local assisted living center to spread some holiday cheer. The kids sang their songs and distributed treats they had baked to the residents. It was a lot of fun. Aidan was rehearsing all week for the big day. He sang loud and proud. (Last year he hid in the back and didn’t make a peep.) He’s really coming out of his shell. He was so excited to sing for everyone. For a moment, it even looked like he was about to do a solo. He didn’t, but he says that next year he wants to do it. Check out the video clip below. (The clip isn’t the best quality, but you can really see him singing.) We’re so proud of him.

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