Merry Christmas to all our blog readers! While we are currently in the midst of our family celebration I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone happy holidays. And I also wanted to take a moment to brag a bit about my sweet and awesome little man! He was truly excited this early morning coming down the stairs and finding all the wrapped packages (ours of course were in eco-friendly materials!) and a new train from Santa around our Christmas tree. He eagerly open two packages from Santa, but then he stopped and jumped up and ran to get the presents for Mike and me. Aidan has been working on homemade gifts for the past several weeks and has been so excited to give them to everyone, and I think it is just so awesome that in this season where so many get the “gimmes” our little boy showed this pure excitement in giving to others, which after all is what the season should be all about!

BTW–Aidan made Mike a cuddly warm no-sew blanket and made me a beautiful hand-painted picture frame with a picture of us in it!  We’ll post more on the holidays later (with pictures)–but now I’m off to watch my boy scoot around on his new scooter!