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making changes with the money we spend

Mike gave me a cool little book for Christmas–The Better World Shopping Guide. It’s a user-friendly guide that ranks products and companies from A to F. The ranking is based on 20 years of research and looks at several issues, such as human rights, animal protection, environment, social justice, and [singlepic=540,250,250]community involvement. It’s an interesting little book with some surprising (and not so surprising) information about many stores, products, etc.

The book makes a thought-provoking argument by reminding us that as consumers we have the power to make changes in this world with the money that we spend. As the book states, “every dollar you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in!” It goes on to say that the average American family “spends about $18,000 every year on goods and services.” $18,000 every year! That is a lot of money every year! Who exactly is this money going to? And how exactly are these companies who get this money treating our planet and the people in it? These are important questions for us all to consider. Since receiving this book Mike and I have already made a few changes in our shopping habits and we definitely plan to make a few more.

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