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why facebook is icky

Facebook is the largest social-networking site on net and in the world (with over 200 million active servers worldwide), and as of late, is garnering some very negative press around privacy concerns and lack of general ethics in how they conduct their business and treat their users. Personally, I don’t used FB, finding it far too trendy, distracting, and an overall time suck. Also, honestly, I find the whole platform rather icky for several reasons. This funny video gets at some of it:

Just to be clear, I am not against social-networking sites generally. I use Twitter occasionally and can see the potential for such tools–especially one’s that are simple and built on the premise of communication more so than distraction, advertising, and consumerism. There’s just something about Facebook that feels wrong. It seems to build incredibly thin networks, one’s which some folks confuse for real human relationships (e.g how many “friends” do you have?).

You can find some of the criticism here: Top Ten Reasons You Should Quite Facebook and something a little more credible (from the BBC) here: Facebook Faces Criticism, or something from the New York Times here: Facebook Controversies and Complaints (be sure to click the “more” link). Otherwise, just laugh at the video above.

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