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jes karper and a life learning anthem

Stumbling through the Internet today while I should have been focused on other things, I discovered the music of Jes Karper and his string-pluckin’ conscious poetry. It’s great uplifting stuff that offers some clarity and perspective on what’s important in life. The first song I heard of his is called “Try On Life,” which to me sounds like an anthem for life learners everywhere. Give it a listen below; then if you like it, go buy it so he can keep making music.

[audio:tol.mp3] Listen to “Try on Life”
Cool tune. If you enjoy it, you also might enjoy the video below of Jes playing another one of his pieces off the same album. It’s called “Time Stood Still.” According to Jes’ web site, he is a singer, songwriter, naturalist, river guide, conservation mapbuilder, and environmental educator. Originally from Pennsylvania, he travels the world full time, but finds his home mostly in Belize. At the moment, he’s in Maui where he recently played the Mother Earth Day Festival. Here’s hoping he makes it to Chicagoland soon.

In the meantime, check out his video.

When I listen to it, it makes me want to go dance with reckless abandon around a campfire with friends. Life doesn’t need to be so complicated. Anything is possible–even the simple things.

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