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profile of an adult unschooler

This is an unschooler video profile of Kate Cayley who today is a writer, theater director and teacher. She is an articulate and passionate young person who learned without school until university. This video was published on Wendy Priesnitz’s blog about life learning on July 17, 2009. Wendy is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Natural Life Magazine and the founder and Editor of Life Learning Magazine–both excellent publications.

I do not think it’s necessary to offer arguments for how and why unschooled kids turn out to be happy, productive, “successful,” adults. I really don’t. I’m sure just as many unschooled kids end up in jail as do traditionally schooled (well, not really) and vice versa, but that’s not the point. The journey is the point. Living life and being happy right now. Each day. In all honesty, I haven’t met an unschooled kid yet who appears fundamentally unhappy or disengaged, but I’ve seen plenty of miserable traditionally schooled kids (and adults). It’s all anecdotal, I know, but I’m just saying…

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