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a soda bottle water rocket launch

Last week Chris and I facilitated a day of physics, flight, and rocket science for a group of home schoolers. The one thing we wanted to do but didn’t get the chance to was launch a soda bottle water rocket. Aidan really wanted to give it a whirl, so we built a rocket launcher out of PVC pipe. Then we took a two liter soda bottle, added some balsa wood fins and a an athletic cone, and we had ourselves a rocket. The whole thing is powered with water and about 75 to 100 pounds of air pressure delivered with a bicycle tire pump. Check out our launch video.

If this looks cool to you, and you’d like to build one, I found this information useful: GeekDad Soda Bottle Water Rocket. Also, for a cool rocket design, check out this site: Mr. Hayhurst’s Quick and Easy Bottle Rocket. Next time, maybe we’ll try combining two bottles for a 4-liter rocket and add a parachute. That’ll be cool. Aidan and I had a blast with this (literally). It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

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