The other night, Aidan thought he’d give his hoop a try. I snapped a couple of pictures. We all laughed. He says he’d like smaller hoops for his arms, so he can really get fancy with it. I think Aidan is a natural born [singlepic=774,275,257] Aidan gives it a whirlclown. He loves physical “tricks,” comedy, and other feats of dexterity–from juggling, to skipping, to hopping on one leg with his eyes closed while he snaps his fingers and curls his tongue all at the same time. (That’s his specialty.) I’ve heard a lot about how much fun hooping can be, so I think we’ll be making some hoops of our own–adult-sized made from irrigation tubing and decorated to our individual tastes, so we can all get in on the fun. Maybe we’ll head on out to the park one of these days soon to see if we can start up a hoopin’ party. If you’re around maybe you’d like to join us. We’ll be making our hoops based on this plan I found via Sara Janssen’s The Happy Hoop: How to Make a Hoop. We’ll see how they turn out. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, make your own and we’ll have some hoopalicious fun together. Peace.