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happy birthday, aidan

Aidan turned 7 this week and we’ve been in a state of celebration. My how time flies. It feels like just yesterday when we were in the stressful throws of an emergency C-section after a series of scary heart decelerations. As it turns out, he was [singlepic=784,250,250] Aidan, 4 days oldsqueezing his own umbilical cord in his little hand. We knew from that point that we’d be in store for more than our fair share of mischief from our little guy. Aidan was born eight weeks premature, and this was one of the scariest times of our life. Being so premature, there was a danger that his lungs would not be fully developed. Just prior to the C-section, they gave him steroids to rapidly develop the lungs to help avoid the scary possibility of some very serious problems. He weighed 4lbs 8oz when he entered the world–quite large actually for a baby eight weeks premature. (He was on track for being a huge baby if we went full term.) While we spent six weeks in the hospital with Aidan, he never needed a ventilator (just a CPAP, which is scary enough). He came home on a heart monitor as his heart tended to slow to dangerously low levels in the night. Let me tell you, [singlepic=785,300,300] Aidan, 7 years oldthere is nothing more terrifying than waking in the middle of the night to a screaming alarm indicating that you baby’s heart is not beating as it should. (Of course, this was almost always just a monitor lead that slipped off, but these were the days when I got all my gray hair. And I thought I’d be able to spread it out through Aidan’s teenage years.)

So, it’s seven years later and Aidan is doing just great. He’s a healthy, energetic (oh, so energetic) young boy filled with passion, love, and joy. We celebrated his birthday last week with his cousins and grandparents. We made hoops in the backyard and everyone (except grandma and grandpa) gave them a whirl. Aidan opened presents (he loved his stuffed animals most of all), and we all ate triple-chocolate ice cream cake. I even plucked out happy birthday on the guitar for him. (I’m just learning.)

On his actual birthday (midweek), Aidan wanted to go to a nearby water park for a day of water slides and drifting along the lazy river. It was a great day. They all are.

Happy birthday, Aidan. We love you.

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