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fair indigo because it matters

Today I received an exciting package in the mail. The package was some new clothes. Whoo-hoo! :) I know you’re thinking, “what’s the big deal? It’s just some mail ordered clothes–we all order things online to get shipped to our houses nowadays.” But, it’s not so much the actual items that I’m excited about (although they are very nice); rather it is the meaning behind the purchase. Our family has been taking steps to be more [singlepic=786,450,450] Fair Indigo Tagaware of our purchases–the companies we’re buying from, how things are made/grown, etc. We have actively switched stores that we shop at and have stopped purchasing items from certain manufacturers due to our not liking their business practices, their exploitation of workers, and/or their treatment of the environment. This has been particularly true of our grocery shopping and our eating habits.

However, one area that has made me pause is with clothes. It is so easy for many of us Americans to simply run into one of the plethora of stores found in any line of strip malls across the country to pick up a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. But, it’s extremely difficult to shop for clothes without seeing tags saying that the item was made in some third world country, in which you have no idea whether the people working there have received fair wages or fair treatment for their work. Today I received clothes from Fair Indigo–a company that embraces fair trade and brings eco-friendly clothing to consumers. Based on Fair Indigo’s website they take fair trade very seriously by visiting each facility where their products are made and getting to know the workers. In fact, they include a card on each item with a short biography of one of the possible sewers that made your particular item, which I found to be pretty cool. They also work with social auditors to ensure that fairness is being practiced within each facility. To me this is a wonderful approach that Fair Indigo has established in an industry that is so commonly riddled with the exploitation of workers, many of whom are often children.

While we still have a bit of a road ahead of us to change our ways entirely, I feel good that I found and shopped at Fair Indigo. And I feel really good knowing where my few items actually came from and that they were purchased fairly. I will definitely be shopping here again!

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