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life is good

It’s funny how sometimes the best weekends are the ones that you don’t really do anything but spend time with those you love. That’s how this past weekend was. Originally, we had a pretty busy weekend planned–a trip to the Adler Planetarium, dinner with friends, visit with family. But, then plans changed and we found our weekend virtually open. Friday (yes, our weekends typically start on Friday) we were planning on heading downtown to explore the Adler Planetarium, but we were having a bit of a lazy morning and decided to skip the planetarium and just hang out in town. Aidan really wanted to do some letterboxing so we found one close by and headed out for the day. We ended up at Hickory Creek Forest Preserve for what we call a “scoot-walk” (Aidan scoots, Mike and I walk) while we followed the letterbox map and uncovered for the hidden treasure. We also spent some time taking photos while Aidan climbed a tree and pretended to be a pirate sailing the high seas in search of gold doubloons. It is always so nice to see Aidan in his element–laughing, running, and enjoying the natural world we live in.

Finding our Saturday open we decided to just embrace the rainy weather and venture over to a Native American event in Frankfort. Unfortunately, we when arrived they were closing down for the day due to the rain. But we tried not to let that get in our way of a fun time. We walked around and looked at what was still remaining and talked with a few of the fine folks from the organization. Aidan got to do a little trading at the trading post and picked up a little woven basket with a gem inside. We then headed over to Wholefoods for some groceries. Most people wouldn’t think grocery shopping on a Saturday with a seven-year old would be fun (and often times it’s not), but this Saturday we all had a blast! We laughed a lot, bought a lot of weird veggies (that Mike and Aidan want to take photos of before we eat them), and sampled some yummy stuff. When we got home we made veggie enchiladas and spent some time reading and playing games on the computer.

Sunday Mike and I both got a run in in the morning and I did some gardening. And then the three of us spent the afternoon at the park playing 16-inch softball, doing another “scoot-walk”, and playing on the playground. We picked up food on the way home and enjoyed a nice meal and conversation, which included dreaming of property and log cabins in the U.P.

Somewhere during the weekend Mike and I got some work in and did a few things around the house. Mike and I even got to spend some time just the two of us–talking and chilling together and watching a movie one night and an episode of Doctor Who another night.

As I said before, sometimes the best weekends are the ones were you find yourself just hanging out and enjoying the simple things that each day brings. Life is good!

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