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think! create! and the wgccm 3000

Today Aidan spent the morning engaged in a Think! activity. Think! is something we were introduced to last year but we kind of forgot about until this morning when Aidan found one of [singlepic=833,225,225] The WGCCM 3000his past projects and then decided he wanted a challenge. Think! activities are challenges that encourage kids (and even adults) to think outside the box. The challenges have the kids use simple materials in order to solve a problem (often by building or creating something). This morning we found a challenge called Junk Drawer Robots. Using duct tape and 15 items that Aidan found either in our junk drawers or in the recycling can, Aidan went to town creating a robot. He had a blast. He calls his robot “The  Walking-Grabbing-Carrying-Calculating-Magnifying 3000.”

The first was such as success that he’s now trying his hand at another one. Perhaps I’ll try out the challenge myself and see what kind of robot I can create (with the added bonus of getting rid of some of the junk in the drawers)!

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