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snowshoeing in big bay

Today we all headed up towards Big Bay to check out a 40 acre square we’ve got our eye on. When our realtor told us we’d need snowshoes to see it, we decided to make a day of it. So, after a quick breakfast, we battled the crazy lake effect snow and drove northwest–very slowly at times with limited visibility. Once we located the parcel and scooted the Jeep gently into a snowbank, we donned the snowshoes and took to the woods. Chris snapped a few photos to commemorate the fun. (Keep in mind we are all snowshoe virgins.)

We had a good time of it, made it out of the woods before dark in time for dinner and some time by the pool. But we’re still not sure if this is the parcel for us. We’ll keep looking over the next few days–and doing some more snowshoeing along the way, of course.

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