A couple days ago Aidan and I went and explored the stars at the Adler Planetarium. It was a great day (with the exception that my hubby was not able to come with us). I have found that some of the best days are the ones in which we have no plans but just decide something on the spur of the moment. That’s what happened today when we decided at the last minute to take advantage of a free day and head on down to Chicago.

We haven’t been to this planetarium in a few years and while not too much has changed, it is always a new experience as kids grow older. There is a new interactive kids exhibit in which kids can pretend to be astronauts and fly to Planet X. The exhibit is geared for kids 3 – 8 and I was a little apprehensive on how Aidan would like it, but he loved it and we spent almost two hours in this exhibit alone. We also took time to see a 3D movie about the great observatories in the world. It was a good look at all the latest technology in astronomy. Aidan was fascinated by both the 3D effects and all the machinery that the movie revealed. We then took our time and saw the entire rest of the museum–from the exhibit on the Solar System where you can program and drive a Mars rover to the exhibit on the history of astronomy and how early cultural groups used the stars and patterns of the sky in their daily lives (I especially enjoyed this exhibit). We opened and closed the museum–six hours of fun and exploration! What an awesome way to spend a day!