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Month: April 2011

have a nugget of something

I’m a vegetarian and have been for many years now. Even so, I can respect cuisine of all varieties (even if I don’t eat it)–of the carnivorous persuasion and otherwise. It’s shocking, however, to consider the variety of disgusting processed byproducts our fast-food nation passes off as food–especially to our children. Jamie Oliver demonstrates this nicely in the following clip from his new show Food Revolution.

I swear I threw up a little in my mouth when Oliver revealed the contents of his food processor. What’s worse is the kids, having seen the true nastiness of the so-called “chicken nugget,” all said that they wanted to eat it once it assumed its “friendly” shape. My god, eat a carrot already–preferably organic. Too many children and adults live a life of processed junk, preservatives, McDonalds, and the like. Oliver is clear in his mission that we are killing ourselves and our children by cultivating a culture that offers and accepts these substances as food.

We’d all be better off if we knew where our food came from, got closer to it, and made simpler and even slower choices.

the magic of totoro

Family and children’s films that deliver more than clichéd and tired good-versus-evil dichotomies laden with gender role stereotypes, gratuitous violence, and the subtle hypersexualization of young girls are hard to come by. If you are as fed up with the formulaic plot driven junk churned out for children by American cinema as I am, check out the 1988 classic My Neighbor Totoro by award-winning Japanese film maker Hayao Miyazaki. I watched this film with my family this evening and fell in love with it. This is what children’s cinema should be–a beautifully rendered, character-driven story of family, community, nature, and wonder.

David Pilling of the Financial Times described Totoro as “more genuinely loved than Mickey Mouse could hope to be in his wildest—not nearly so beautifully illustrated—fantasies.” I couldn’t agree more. Children and adults alike should see this film and imagine the wonder of it all.

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