We spent last weekend north of Marquette, MI once again, continuing our land search. There’s a couple of parcels we’ve got our eye on–both 40 acres–one square, one rectangular, both with beautiful high-ridge views of Lake Superior, one with a bubbling creek running through it but with fewer [singlepic=891,350,350] Aidan by the Nash Creekbuildable sites, the other with no creek but trails and multiple sites to build. There are many pros and cons to each of the properties. How to decide? When to know?

It’s absolutely beautiful country up there, and we all love being close to the land and trees, but looking at land takes time. We spent most of one day looking for two-track trails and unmarked roads winding through the woods, testing the metal of our Jeep, peering for obscured faded real estate signs hidden in the weeds. One day, of the seven properties we searched for, we found just one. We returned the next day armed with better directions and a few crudely drawn maps, which proved very helpful, allowing us to find those elusive tracks of land.

Once on the land, it can take a couple of hours or more to explore it. We’ve gotten lost a couple of times, wandering deeply into the woods, getting turned around, and finally spit out onto a county road, only to face a mile walk back to the car. At one property, we had to skip across a wide creek to see the land that lied beyond it. This was a wet adventure in its own right. Aidan, “fell” into the water dragging me down with him. We were both soaking wet by the time we were done, but we laughed until creek water sprayed from our noses. It’s good fun. We’re enjoying the process and will return in a couple weeks to take another look. I think we’re getting closer.