Last Saturday we headed out early to spend the whole day at the annual South Suburban Cook County 4H fair at the Children’s Farm in Palos Hills. This is a day that Aidan was really looking forward to, and one that Mike and I were dreading. It is a long day–starting at before 9am and going until about 4pm. It is one were you are outside the whole time without much shelter from the heat (and it has been oppressively hot this summer). There is bad food. There is the smell of barn animals hanging in the humid air. And there are the politics–the spoken and unspoken rules, the cliquishness of groups, the tension and division among some members, and so on. So, it was a day Mike and I were really not looking forward to, but, despite this, we tried to put on a happy face and embrace the positive events of the day since it  was important to our little man.

All in all we ended up having a nice time. Aidan had fun displaying several of his items in the fair and receiving ribbons for his hard work throughout the year. He also had fun participating in the tug-of-war and the watermelon eating contest. We enjoyed the rocket launches (and the mysterious disappearances of a couple of rockets lost in the clouds). We saw an 8-week old lamb and got a kick out of seeing the goats all standing on a table staring in the same direction (think Men Who Stare at Goats but in reverse). We hiked some trails. We looked at interesting projects from all the 4H-ers participating in the fair. Aidan danced, lip synced, and played air guitar on stage with his friend, Natalie. The day was definitely a full one, and, in the end, we enjoyed watching Aidan have a good time. As always, it was fun just being there together as a family.