Sometimes getting together with old friends who don’t live close by can be challenging, especially with different schedules, lifestyles, etc. But it is so worth the effort. We recently got together with Aidan’s longest known friend (the daughter of a dear friend of mine that I’ve known for quite some time). The two of us had our children just two months apart. She and her daughter were actually visiting me in the [singlepic=995,330,330] Aidan and Katrina, Old Friendshospital the day that Aidan arrived. It seemed when the kids were littler we were able to get together much more often. Granted we lived a bit closer at that time, we were both mainly stay-at-home moms, and our little ones didn’t have too many extra activities that they were involved in. Now our lives are busier with more work, extra kids, extra activities, along with now living further away from one another. It just seems harder to connect. But we did last week, and had a great time catching up on everything.

We met over at the Sci-Tech Museum in downtown Aurora. The museum was a little busy that day with camp groups, but we still had fun–playing and talking and just being together! Some of the favorite displays included the bubbles (who doesn’t like to surround themselves in a giant bubble), the fast-pitch baseball throwing, the simulated tornado, and the ever-popular rocket launcher. The kids especially enjoyed going out for ice cream afterwards. It’s neat to see two kids who have known each other ever since they were in diapers still getting together eight years later.