We spent yesterday afternoon sitting around a backyard campfire with a group of friends from Aidan’s Junior Great Books club. They had been reading folktales and recently read the classic folktale “Stone Soup.” You know the one–about the pilgrim who comes to town and tells the hungry town folk that he can make soup-enough-for-all from a [singlepic=639,300,300]stone. He begins by boiling a single stone in water, and as the people ask him if it’s ready he says, “Not quite yet. It would be a bit better if we had some salt…” And so it goes, the town folks one-by-one contribute the very little each of them has to the stone soup–one person celery, another carrots, yet another sage, then lentils, potatoes, garlic, and so on. A true lesson in the power of cooperation and coming together as a community. So we thought it would be cool to reenact the story in the beautiful fall weather over a warm fire–each child contributing one ingredient they prepared and brought with them.

As the soup cooked, the children moved inside to kneed some dough prepared by Dawn, the host of our get-together, and shape it into delicious loaves of their own creation. There’s nothing like fresh baked bread hot from the oven with homemade apple butter oozing over the crust to accompany delicious soup. Add to that hot apple cider and it just doesn’t get much better.

We danced, made painted leaf crafts, played, ate good food, and talked. Easy-peasy good times.