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Month: February 2012 (page 1 of 2)

souffle sensation

We’re always looking for healthful, sensible meals that offer a little variety to our culinary adventures, so tonight Chris and I tried individual broccoli and goat cheese souffles. We had never made a souffle before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. They turned out great. We accompanied this main course with homemade buttermilk and chive crushed potatoes and a fresh garden salad. It was a meal fit for a king and queen–and all for under 500 calories. We had wanted to make roasted asparagus, but couldn’t figure out how manage cooking both the souffles and roasting the asparagus in a way where everything would be hot and ready at the same time. So, we’ll save the the roasted asparagus for lunch tomorrow.

portage park third annual comic book show

With no big plans this Sunday afternoon, we decided to drive up north to Portage Park to check out the 3rd annual Portage Park comic book and collectable show. Aidan’s been getting more and more interested in superhero comics lately–Wolverine in particular, so when Chris stumbled upon news of the show, we figured why not and took a drive. Aidan was psyched! [singlepic=1094,300,300] The Historic Portage Park TheaterWe got there in a flash–a little less than an hour of relatively easy driving–and found parking right in front.

Aidan was so excited about the show, he wore his homemade “Super Aidan” suit complete with cape and mask, which was a big hit. When we entered the old Portage Park Theater where the show was being held, we were immediately greeted by a nice gentleman who told Aidan he could choose any five comics he wanted from his table for free. Of course, Aidan wasted no time and quickly stocked up on his favorite X-Men books. We were off to a good start.

Aidan made his way around the tables–each cooler than the next. Picked up a few more comics, an X-Men pin, and then set his sights on one particular action figure. The seller wanted five bucks for it. Hmm. A little steep, thought Aidan–his hard-earned five dollar bill burning a hole in his pocket. With a little preparation (and a little help from trusty sidekick dad), Aidan decided to haggle with the gentleman to see if he could talk him down. “Will you take three for it?” Our pony-tailed, long-bearded, comic book and vintage toy aficionado thought for an awkwardly-long moment. Finally, he said, “I can let you have it for four.” Sold! So, Aidan scored his first action figure and learned something about market-place economics and trade in the process.

After all this excitement, we needed to recoup our super strength, so we found our way to the back of the old theater building where they were showing old reels of The Amazing Spiderman. Chillin’ in the dark, we took in a few episodes of ol’ Spidey–and enjoyed seeing a range of other costumed armature super-heroes come and go. Super Aidan gave each a knowing nod as they passed. It’s not easy being a super-hero, but at least one can, on occasion, find a moment of peace in an old 1920’s movie house among kindred spirits, boxes of tattered comics, and a few vintage toys.

a trip to the chicago auto show 2012

Chris scored a coupon to the Chicago Auto Show, and since none of us had really been before, we thought we’d check it out. None of us are really “car people,” so our appreciation for the show was probably more about aesthetics and cultural observation than about automotive design and technology (although it was neat to learn about that too). In the end, it’s fun to look at pretty shiny things with wheels.

Aidan really enjoyed the show. The Jeep display was a big hit. Of course, they had their driving track setup. It’s cool to see them putting the vehicles through their paces, driving over fields of boulders and pylons and up, down, and across insanely steep grades. We picked up some literature, of course, as we do enjoy our Jeep and taking it to places the typical car couldn’t go. (I sound like a commercial, I know.)

We checked out what the show offered as far as electric vehicles, too, which was fun and informative. It would be so nice to see these vehicles come down in price and become the new norm of automotive transportation in this country. They make so much sense.

So, we strolled through McCormick Place (which in itself is really cool), took in all the shiny new cars, and took a ton of pictures because, let’s face it, it’s fun to photograph shiny new cars. I’m not sure if we’ll be annual attendees of the show, but it was fun to check out on a slow Friday afternoon with a coupon in hand.

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