Chris scored a coupon to the Chicago Auto Show, and since none of us had really been before, we thought we’d check it out. None of us are really “car people,” so our appreciation for the show was probably more about aesthetics and cultural observation than about automotive design and technology (although it was neat to learn about that too). In the end, it’s fun to look at pretty shiny things with wheels.

Aidan really enjoyed the show. The Jeep display was a big hit. Of course, they had their driving track setup. It’s cool to see them putting the vehicles through their paces, driving over fields of boulders and pylons and up, down, and across insanely steep grades. We picked up some literature, of course, as we do enjoy our Jeep and taking it to places the typical car couldn’t go. (I sound like a commercial, I know.)

We checked out what the show offered as far as electric vehicles, too, which was fun and informative. It would be so nice to see these vehicles come down in price and become the new norm of automotive transportation in this country. They make so much sense.

So, we strolled through McCormick Place (which in itself is really cool), took in all the shiny new cars, and took a ton of pictures because, let’s face it, it’s fun to photograph shiny new cars. I’m not sure if we’ll be annual attendees of the show, but it was fun to check out on a slow Friday afternoon with a coupon in hand.