Once again, our backyard has become a haven for spring robins. One attentive mother made a nest in the corner of our pergola by the
[singlepic=1191,350,350]rose bush. We’ve been watching her for weeks now, dutifully building the nest, sitting patiently, and now busy as heck flying to and fro to bring bits of worm and insect to her babies who sit there eagerly clamoring for more. They are very cute, and we are honored to have them as guests until they’re ready to spread their wings.

Each morning, Aidan runs to the window to sneak a peek and to see what new developments there might be. They are growing fast, and they’re getting louder. As we sat this evening beneath the pergola, the silence was broken repeatedly by a chorus of three hungry chicks as the mom swooped in to make a cautious delivery before swooping off again. I think we were making her nervous sitting so close to the nest, but I also like to think she’s beginning to trust us as mere curious but harmless humans.