This post is belated, but I wanted to share what a fun time I had this past Father’s Day with Chris and Aidan. Wanting a relaxed kind [singlepic=1197,280,280]of day, we packed a cooler of sandwiches and snacks, grabbed a blanket and the Frisbee, and headed to the trees to enjoyed some time in Messenger Woods—one of our favorite local retreats.

Chris had made crunchy vegetable sandwiches, and we brought some fresh fruit, chips, and mixed nuts. We spread a blanket beneath a canopy of Crabapple trees, chatted, and munched. Aidan darted off to climb a tree for a while, and then, we broke out the Frisbee. Of course, I showed off my stellar kung-fu Frisbee skills—making masterful mid-air catches, spinning and flipping (okay maybe not flipping), hooking it on my foot, and sending the flying disk into the bushes more times than I’m sure Aidan cares to count. Aidan responded in kind with some skills of his own. Chris laughed and snapped pictures all the while before joining in herself.

As the sun fell lower in the sky and the mosquitos discovered us there, we packed it in, but swung by the local frozen yogurt shop for a tasty treat before heading home. It was simple and wonderful. These moments mean so much to me.