Thanks for stopping by. I’m Mike McGuire and this is my site. I am a writing teacher at a community college near Chicago, Illinois, USA. I first conceived of this site as I found myself wanting to connect to other teaching professionals interested in creative dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Of course, as a teacher, I am also interested in helping and connecting with students, so I hope that this site can reach the students among us as well. And finally, as I see it, there is a third possible audience for this site—parents who have chosen to take their child’s education into their own hands (home schooling, unschooling, life learning, whatever you want to call it). In 2007, my wife and I embarked upon such a journey with our 4-year-old son. (So far, it’s been quite an adventure and continues to be one everyday.) In part, I hope that this site offers something to other families on such adventures of their own. The reality is this site represents an intersection of many aspects of who I am and who I aspire to be. Whatever it might be or what it might become, I hope it brings some value to someone somewhere.