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holiday wishes from grandpa

We had a nice visit with Aidan’s Grandma and Grandpa yesterday. We all gathered–Auntie Karyn and cousins Anna and Sean to have another festive celebration for this holiday season. It’s always nice to get the family together. As the children romped and played through the living room–screaming the shouts of joy that can come only from the hearts of young children during this magical time of year, I managed to snap this photo of Grandpa. I was trying out the new Nikon Speedlight that Santa brought me for Christmas. In this moment Grandpa was wishing each and every one a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers.

“picture this” photographs

“Picture This” is a student literary event where MVCC creative writers of fiction and poetry get together to read work original works they have composed in response to photographs they have created. Below is the gallery of images mostly submitted by the students for this project. (There are a few other images mixed in.)

Students, hover over or click on the image to see its title. Clicking on the thumbnail, of course, gives you the larger image.

safety first: “the office”, one of the funniest shows ever!

This show is just awesome. Whether you watch the show or not, I’m willing to bet the first four minutes of this episode will have you peeing in your pants. Check it out…

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