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artistic imagery android style

Playing with a couple new photo apps, I created these images. The first one Aidan posed with his blanky in natural light. I ran it through Pixlr-o-matic. This is a post-processing app with many filters and features to affect overall image, background, and framing. It’s really versatile and free to boot.

This next image was run through an app called Paper Camera. This app is used to capture and apply a series of effects to the image all at once. The range of effect possibilities is not as full as with Pixlr-o-matic, but what’s neat about it is that it allows videos to be captured with effects applied. For a $1.99 it offers some fun possibilities for whimsical image making on the go.

Go make something today. It’s fun.

aidan the guitar player

This has been a month of performance for Aidan. From theater to musicianship–he loves performing arts and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight too much either, as long as he’s on a stage that is. For the past six months or so, Aidan has been taking guitar lessons and has been having fun with it. I can’t say that he practices too much, but he likes noodlin’ around with it (as long as no one is making him do it), and he likes going to his lesson. It’s fun for him.

Each year, Tamara, his guitar teacher organizes an opportunity for all her students to get together to play a Christmas concert at local nursing home. It’s a great chance to get students of all levels and ages together in one place to bring their music to people who welcome it.

In the clip below, Aidan plays a little lead in to “Away in a Manger” before the whole ensemble begins playing. The concert was a lot of fun.

aidan’s big break

Aidan debuted in his first big stage production this past December 6, 2011 with the Stage Play Musical Theater Company. He played two roles–the Brave Combat Hero Soldier Prince and the Huntsman. Both were speaking parts and the latter included a full scene with a song. The show took place at the Lockport Township High School in an auditorium designed to hold 1500; while it wasn’t a packed house, there were at least 375 people there that night.

Aidan and his cast-mates prepared and rehearsed for 14 weeks leading up to the big show. A lot of work went into it–both through group rehearsals and many individual hours or running lines, memorizing song lyrics, practicing dance moves, and understanding the technical aspects of stage “blocking.” By show time, it paid off. Everyone did wonderfully, and Aidan pulled off his part without a hitch. You could kind of tell that he was a little nervous, but he knew his lines, he delivered them with conviction, and he performed his song with perfect timing. To see the look of personal satisfaction and pride come over his face after his main scene was absolutely priceless.

He danced; he sang; he acted. Aidan worked really hard to get to this show. For a kid who struggles a good deal with social anxiety, he was right in his element on that stage–and often seems comfortable in the performer’s spotlight. Chris and I are so proud of him, and we love him so much.

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