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a trip to the chicago auto show 2012

Chris scored a coupon to the Chicago Auto Show, and since none of us had really been before, we thought we’d check it out. None of us are really “car people,” so our appreciation for the show was probably more about aesthetics and cultural observation than about automotive design and technology (although it was neat to learn about that too). In the end, it’s fun to look at pretty shiny things with wheels.

Aidan really enjoyed the show. The Jeep display was a big hit. Of course, they had their driving track setup. It’s cool to see them putting the vehicles through their paces, driving over fields of boulders and pylons and up, down, and across insanely steep grades. We picked up some literature, of course, as we do enjoy our Jeep and taking it to places the typical car couldn’t go. (I sound like a commercial, I know.)

We checked out what the show offered as far as electric vehicles, too, which was fun and informative. It would be so nice to see these vehicles come down in price and become the new norm of automotive transportation in this country. They make so much sense.

So, we strolled through McCormick Place (which in itself is really cool), took in all the shiny new cars, and took a ton of pictures because, let’s face it, it’s fun to photograph shiny new cars. I’m not sure if we’ll be annual attendees of the show, but it was fun to check out on a slow Friday afternoon with a coupon in hand.

putting the fun in 5k

Yesterday morning, we all rolled out of bed far earlier than we ever do during the summer to head over to Lincoln Park for the WTTW 8th Annual Fun and Run to support quality kids programming. While it was hard to get the blood moving that early (look, 8 is early for us–hell 10 is early for us in the summer), we all got into the spirit of things once we arrived at beautiful Lincoln Park on Chicago’s lake shore.

Admittedly, Chris and I were a little worried about how things would go with Aidan, as he hadn’t trained for the run and was bent–not just on finishing–but on winning. (Yes, I said winning.) Fortunately, he adjusted his expectations a bit, given the circumstances, and in the end, completed every inch of that 5K; he was quite proud of himself.

The weather was perfect at about 70 degrees, cool with cloud cover, and a nice breeze. The event itself was a lot of fun. Everyone was jazzed about participating in the event to support WTTW Kids. After the race, we hung out in the park, enjoyed the sponsor booths, met some of the characters from Aidan’s favorite shows, and frolicked widely to the sounds of Ralph’s World performing live on the main stage. From there we escaped the excitement to take a walk along the North Avenue Beach to marvel at the amazing whitecaps crashing along the shore.

The plan was to stay a bit longer–to check out the zoo, the conservatory, and just enjoy the park setting for the day–but Aidan was feeling the fatigue from the race, so we headed back home with the promise to return again soon. Maybe next year, we’ll beat our personal best in the race. But even if we don’t, we’ll be sure to have just as much fun as we did this time around.

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