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Tag: halloween

october roundup

October has been a crazy fun month–so busy in fact, I’ve had no time to write. So, to keep the blog alive, I threw together a quick montage of snapshots in the video below. We’ve been hiking, going to fall fests and carnivals, visiting nearby cities, hosting parties, pumpkin hunting, and trick-or-treating to name a few things. Check out the sideshow, and keep an eye out for another post one of these days once things slow down a bit. Happy autumn.

roar! a halloween lion

Halloween was a hoot this year. Aidan did more trick-or-treating than the past three years combined. He was committed to visiting each house up and down the block, on both sides of the street–even if the house had a dog. (In previous years, the dog-factor limited us to about three of four houses.) We had a great time. Perhaps I’ll post more photos soon, but for now, here’s one. Chris and Aidan made the costume themselves.

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