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aidan james reporting live

Aidan’s been taking an “In the News” class where the kids are learning some of the basics of field reporting and video production. Here’s a rough cut of his first interview with the local children’s librarian regarding some changes that have been happening at our library. He was nervous but committed to doing his very best here. He called to schedule the interview, worked on his questions with mom, conducted the interview, and edited the video. And all the while he had great fun. Can’t wait to see the next installment.

rush: a consistent presence

Since I was 15 years old, the Canadian rock band Rush has been a consistent presence in my life. (That’s over 20 years now, but who’s counting?) I was introduced to their music at the beginning of my teenage angst years, and it was their music which played no small part in my surviving those years. I listened to them religiously well into my early twenties–at times exclusively, as in my mind they were the one and only great rock band of our times, something pure, something worth listening to and being influenced by. Since those years of late adolescence, I’ve branched out considerably in my musical tastes and interests, but I still reserve a special place for Rush. These guys are a class act. I’ve always admired the way they can enjoy absolute success in their work with such longevity (over 40 years now!), but have eschewed celebrity and avoided the trappings of the rock music industry. They are level-headed, fun-loving guys as far as I can tell, who have much to say musically and lyrically and–despite all the pressures they’ve faced along the way–have never compromised their integrity, their artistic vision, or who they are as individuals. Check out this recent interview from QTV.

I think today, I’ll introduce my son to 2112. Perhaps Rush will have the kind of staying power in his life that it has had in mine. In the words of Neil Peart, “Reflected in another source of light, when the moment dies, the spark still flies, reflected in another pair of eyes.”

sneekylinux has made me famous

My friend Sneekylinux from across the Pond has made me famous. Well, not really, but he did interview me for his Linux podcast. Sneekylinux has been publishing videos demonstrating Linux distributions for some time now. I’ve been following him and have appreciated his style and know-how. He’s shifted gears recently to include interviews with Linux users and developers, and guess what. He picked me for his first interview. Despite a few technical challenges along the way, I think it went rather well. Give it a looksy…

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