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artistic imagery android style

Playing with a couple new photo apps, I created these images. The first one Aidan posed with his blanky in natural light. I ran it through Pixlr-o-matic. This is a post-processing app with many filters and features to affect overall image, background, and framing. It’s really versatile and free to boot.

This next image was run through an app called Paper Camera. This app is used to capture and apply a series of effects to the image all at once. The range of effect possibilities is not as full as with Pixlr-o-matic, but what’s neat about it is that it allows videos to be captured with effects applied. For a $1.99 it offers some fun possibilities for whimsical image making on the go.

Go make something today. It’s fun.

an april moon

I recently acquired a used copy of a Nikkor MF 300mm F/2.8 ED-AIS. Here’s the first picture I took with it this evening from the backyard. I cropped it a little and sharpened it some in post-production. Can’t wait to get out and take more, but for now I’ve got to get back to grading. It’s that time of the season.

shifting my focus at the museum of science and industry

Today, the family and I took what seems to be our quarterly trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s always a lot of fun. Aidan really gets into it and seems to learn a lot each time we go. Today we spent most of our time in the new “You”exhibit, and complimented that by going to see “The Human Body” at the iMax theater. Aidan has been quite interested lately in the human body, as it has been a subject of study in recent months with our coop group.

While at the museum, I thought I would engage in a little photographic play. We go so often and I have many pictures, so this time I thought I would limit myself by bringing just one lens to see if I could push myself into new creative territory. I chose my Lensbaby Composer, which is new for me. It is a selective-focus, manual lens. Very simple in concept, but not an easy toy to operate. It requires a bit of skill, and I have had virtually no practice with it since I got it earlier this month. In the end, I think I captured a few fairly interesting shots. I do think the Lensbaby has some neat potential for creative work, but it does take a little getting used to.

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